[gambit-list] Libraries for day-to-day projects ?

Eric Parent eric at eparent.info
Tue Jul 8 10:15:36 EDT 2014

Hi all,

I'm fairly new to this mailing list and Scheme / Lisp as well.

I come from a Python background and must admit the features present in
Python that are coming from the Lisp world make me feel comfortable in my
new language.

I am planning on using Scheme as my default language for some projects of
mine and I am wondering what is in the ecosystem of libraries and packages
that would allow me to get some additions to the core feature quickly.

There is "quicklisp" for Common Lisp packages and libraries. It seems to be
somewhat similar to "pip" and "easy_install" in Python. Is there something
equivalent that I could make use of with Gambit Scheme ? I was told that
Chicken Scheme has a lot of libraries and packages to help deal with the
day-to-day tasks a developer might run into. I believe this is specific to
Chicken Scheme, not Gambit. Am I right ?

Some possible tasks I may have to deal with :
- regex
- directories and files navigation, creation, renaming, etc.
- web server
- numerical computation (linear algebra, arrays, matrices, vectors, etc.)
- symbolic computation
- html generation / templating
- database interaction

Any hint or advice would be appreciated.

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