[gambit-list] Asynchronous callbacks

Dirk Theisen d.theisen at objectpark.org
Sun Apr 6 07:09:42 EDT 2014


Am 01.04.2014 um 16:06 schrieb Francisco <fjvallarino at gmail.com>:
> Has anyone faced a similar situation regarding asynchronous callbacks? Do you have any suggestion about handling that situation (maybe a different approach than the one I proposed)?

I have almost no experience with gambit, but on other platforms / languages, I usually write an actual callback in C that does feed an „event“ / signal (whatever it is called in scheme) into the VM that is executed on the vm thread / as a lightweight thread. Depending on the requirements of the callback (it might to might not require the buffer to be filled immediately after the callback returns), this might be an option checking out.


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