[gambit-list] Build sample for android on linux failed

Petersen, Chris CPetersen at cw.bc.ca
Mon Sep 30 10:25:17 EDT 2013

Please use the LambdaNative issue tracker for this sort of LambdaNative specific issues:

The missing fonts seem to indicate that you did not once configure and build for your host before building for android. This is necessary to create the resource compilers (without which the fonts will not be built) and also gsc, which is run on the host to generate the portable C code. Please do the following:

make scrub
./configure Calculator
make install

Confirm that the app is working on your host system, and then proceed to do:

./configure Calculator android verbose

if the problem persists, please do not reply on this thread, but file an issue on the LambdaNative github tracker, and include the full output of the last make command.


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Subject: [gambit-list] Build sample for android on linux failed

 I've just tried to build the Calculator sample app coming from LambdaNative for android on linux,but I got two problems
 *** WARNING -- "calc_14.fnt" is not defined, ***            referenced in: ("/home/chenjf/apps/lambdanative/lambdanative-master-cache/android/build/3c4d196ded4c65584af892a98a926ace.c")
*** WARNING -- "calc_24.fnt" is not defined, ***            referenced in: ("/home/chenjf/apps/lambdanative/lambdanative-master-cache/android/build/3c4d196ded4c65584af892a98a926ace.c")
*** WARNING -- "calc_32.fnt" is not defined, ***            referenced in: ("/home/chenjf/apps/lambd
2.Error./make.sh: line 334: /home/chenjf/apps/lambdanative/lambdanative-master/tmp.bJKtPg/src/hughjfchen.com/hughjfchen/calculator/Calculator.java<http://hughjfchen.com/hughjfchen/calculator/Calculator.java>: No such file or directory
ERROR: failed with exit code 1
>> substitution failed on bootstraps/android/bootstrap.java.in<http://bootstrap.java.in>
 For the error,I checked the generated code and found /home/chenjf/apps/lambdanative/lambdanative-master/tmp.bJKtPg/src/hughjfchen/com/hughjfchen/calculator/Calculator.java
So looks like that the generated dir should be hughjfchen/com, not the hughjfchen.com<http://hughjfchen.com>
Is that a problem of Lambdanative or android-sdk?

And following are my dev enviroment:
lambdanative master branch source code from GIT
android sdk 22.2.1
android sdk platform tool 18.0.1
android sdk build tool 18.0.1
android 2.3.3 (API 10)
archlinux linux with kernel 3.11.2


Thanks and best regards,

Hugh Chen
Email: hugh.jf.chen at gmail.com<mailto:hugh.jf.chen at gmail.com>
"Work smart;Not work hard!"

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