[gambit-list] Generating symbols from C code

Marc Feeley feeley at iro.umontreal.ca
Wed Sep 18 09:25:32 EDT 2013

On 2013-09-18, at 2:16 AM, Vijay Mathew <vijay.the.lisper at gmail.com> wrote:

> What is the correct way to generate symbols in C code?
> What is the difference between DEF_SYM1 and DEF_SYM2 macros?

Calls to DEF_SYM1 and DEF_SYM2 are generated by the Gambit compiler and aren't meant to be used directly.  They must respect some invariants and refer to other tables in a way that is difficult for a human to respect.  DEF_SYM1 is used for creating symbols in a dynamic way, and DEF_SYM2 is used for creating symbols in a static way.

Do you really need to create fresh symbols from C code, or do you want to refer from C code to symbols that are defined in the Scheme code?  If the later, you simply refer to the macro whose name is the (mangled) symbol's name prefixed with ___SYM_ .  So to access the symbol foobar, refer to ___SYM_foobar.  To access the symbol foo-bar, refer to ___SYM_foo_2d_bar.  It is similar to access Scheme global variables from C.  Just use the ___GLO_ prefix.


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