[gambit-list] What's the best practice for maxing debug settings but having no "console" file output - How get proper debug behavior: ./configure --enable-debug , CFLAGS="-g" ./configure , other?

Mikael mikael.rcv at gmail.com
Sat Sep 7 10:12:44 EDT 2013

Dear Marc,

What is the best practice for configuring Gambit to maintain maximum debug
settings switched on but no output of a "console" file?

By maximum debug settings, I mean export of debug symbols, so this could be
done by CFLAGS="-g" CXXFLAGS="-g" ./configure , and optionally "-o0" or
"-o1" on that -

And.. is there any more debug level functionality in Gambit, for instance
does --enable-debug switch on any debug functionality beyond -g and
"console" file output?

The console file is not needed as it's of such a lowlevel nature, and it
easily grows infinitely as in >>100GB.

Also, switching off while maintaining --enable-debug requires such large
amounts of code changes, that I'd presume --enable-debug actually was
intended first and foremost as an enabler of "console" file output?

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