[gambit-list] Post: Compare the productivity of computer languages

Jussi Piitulainen jpiitula at ling.helsinki.fi
Sat Oct 19 06:43:09 EDT 2013

Ok, I got some pressing things out of the way, and I've now diggen up
my resqlite3.scm bindings to SQLite3 and am making them minially
available in a preliminary way in a temporary location. See below.

Junia Magellan <junnia at gmail.com> writes:

> not able to run sqlite3 from Gambit. It seems that the bindings are
> old, or not well documented. I would appreciate a link to bindings
> that work out of the box, is the case of both Bigloo and Racket.

I put my resqlite3.scm, with a test program, Makefile and expected
output, at
<http://www.ling.helsinki.fi/users/jpiitula/preresqlite3.zip>, so if
anyone wants to have a look and see if it works for them (it has
worked for me), feedback would be appreciated. See README and ALERT.

My intention is and has always been to release it as Free Software, I
just haven't got around to do it. Please think of this package as
not-quite-publicly-available-yet, and if nothing catastrophic is
reported to me soon, I'll just wrap it up more or less as is.

> Does anybody on this list know where I can find sources of gsi with
> sqlite3? As I would like to generate gsi with sqlite3 included, as
> in Racket.

You should be able to compile sqlite3.scm (or my resqlite3.scm) into a
Gambit object file that can be loaded into a gsi session. The
locations of libsqlite3 and sqlite3.h need to be known, but they
should be in standard places, I think. (The latter wasn't for me today
- I had installed a newer Ubuntu version since I last worked on this,
and I hadn't said "sudo apt-get install sqlite3-dev". When I said so,
it was fixed.) Maybe you are missing -ld-options -lsqlite3?

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