[gambit-list] gsc gets a linker error with -exe

Dan Wilckens dwilckens at gmx.com
Fri Oct 18 17:08:20 EDT 2013

A couple weeks ago I had a problem getting gsc to make an exe; gcc ran 
into this problem in the link stage of doing gsc -exe ... (I'm using 
MinGW & MSYS on windows vista):

reference to 'gai_strerrorA'

I quickly got a reply suggesting I make sure ws2_32 was linked in 
(thanks Mikael), which I did (I used gsc to generate the needed c files 
and then gcc to compile with -lws2_32), but I was still running into the 
problem so I wrote about the issue at the MinGW forum.  They said that 
gai_strerrorA is inline static header-only code.  So it doesn't need to 
get linked to any library.  I'm wondering if the problem is in this 
particular build of libgambc, perhaps?  ( I'm using the prebuilt 32-bit 
windows version 4.7.0)

When compiling with gcc, I made sure it was linked to libgambc and 
libgambcgsc.  Any ideas?  Should I compile Gambit myself?


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