[gambit-list] Compilation of gambit (git master) on/for Windows 7 64 bit using mingw64 x86_64 fails

panos stergiotis panos.stergiotis at gmx.net
Mon Mar 25 10:23:21 EDT 2013

according to config.log HAVE_SELECT is defined as 1. I changed the priority of HAVE_SELECT and HAVE_MSGWAITFORMULTIPLEOBJECTS by changing the ifdef in os.h accordingly and was then able to compile gambit-c successfully.

The self test 'make check' failed in the error.scm test case: (make-string 536870911) causes a segfault in gsi.exe. (make-string 536870910) works. For (make-vector <big-number-here>) gsi segfaults too.

tests 4,5 and 6 fail with "Signed 32 bit exact integer expected".

>In os_io.h, ___device_select_state contains those two slots only if the USE_MsgWaitForMultipleObjects define is enabled.
>os.h defines it like this
>#define USE_select
>#define USE_MsgWaitForMultipleObjects
>That's funny, on Windows it's supposed to always use MsgWaitForMultipleObjects rather than select..
>can you see what your HAVE_SELECT and HAVE_MSGWAITFORMULTIPLEOBJECTS configuration is?

>>Hi list
>>My attempt to compile the current git version (same for 4.6.6 and 4.6.7) using mingw64 failed with 
>>os_io.c: In function '___device_event_queue_select_virt':
>>os_io.c:4980:16: error: '___device_select_state' has no member named 'message_queue_mask'
>>os_io.c:4981:16: error: '___device_select_state' has no member named 'message_queue_dev_pos'
>>I used i686 -> x86_64 cross compilation under mingw32, msys1 and Windows 7 64bit. Following the advice of
>>http://www.gaia-gis.it/gaia-sins/mingw64_how_to.html and using a x86_64 compiler didn't help neighter.
>>Hints are greatly appreciated, thank you in advance
>>Panos Stergiotis
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