[gambit-list] ___FETCH_F32 and ___FETCH_F64?

Mikael mikael.rcv at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 21:42:27 EST 2013

Dear Marc,

There's ___FETCH_(S|U)(64|32|16|8) but no ___FETCH_F32 and ___FETCH_F64.

Currently those need to be defined separately by the user something like

#define ___FETCH_F32(x) &___F32VECTORREF(X,0)
#define ___FETCH_F64(x) &___F64VECTORREF(X,0)

The ability to fetch F32 and F64-vectors is useful when passing a float or
double array to some C library, for instance for math or 3D.

Is there any particular reason for why they were not bundled til now? What
about including them, if not else then for completeness?

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