[gambit-list] Macro defined in .gambcini.scm

Kartik Saranathan ksaranat at gmail.com
Sun Jun 9 16:27:13 EDT 2013

I want to make available a macro in the REPL.  The macro is also used by a
utility function which I also want to use in the repl

;; ~/.gambcini.scm
(define first car)
(define-macro (mac . args)
  (first args))

(define (foo . args)
  (mac args))

The macro is purposely unquoted since it is meant to change structure of
its argument

When I run gsi I get

*** ERROR IN ##raise-unbound-global-exception -- Unbound variable: first

I think this happens because the macro is expanded before first is
defined.  How do I avoid this problem and still have foo and mac available
in the repl?

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