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Hi Marc,

Thanks for the positive feedback. And yes, LambdaNative was originally developed for the phone oximeter suite of applications, which have now evolved into full mobile diagnostic tools. As an example, we've developed a pre-eclampsia (a dangerous condition during pregnancy) diagnostic app running on iOS devices. This has been used in three usability studies and is an ongoing blinded hospital-based clinical trial in South Africa. Here is the original Grand Challenge pledge for that:
And some of the related design work:
We are currently working on a simplified version to be used for home visitations, with clinical trials in Pakistan, Nigeria, Mozambique and India starting later this year, on cheap Android devices. 

We've been successful in deploying our Gambit based applications on a wide range of devices without any issues, which is really a great testimony to the portability and usefulness of Gambit.


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I really like your ICFP13 paper.  It shows off very eloquently one of the main advantages of using Gambit: cross-platform portability.  It is hard to imagine a more "real-world" use of Gambit than this.

Thanks for sharing your work with the rest of the Gambit community!


On 2013-07-31, at 3:00 PM, "Petersen, Chris" <CPetersen at cw.bc.ca> wrote:

> It may be of interest to some on the list that we have
> open-sourced (BSD licenced) our core Gambit-C based
> development framework for producing cross-platform
> applications on Android, iOS, OS X, Linux, Windows and OpenBSD.
> The GUI is OpenGL based with a widget system
> written in Scheme. The framework can also be used
> for cross-platform console/embedded applications.
> The source code, including examples, is here:
> https://github.com/part-cw/lambdanative
> A paper describing the framework and its use for
> various medical applications on smartphones and embedded
> devices will be presented at ICFP'13 in Boston in September.
> Chris
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