[gambit-list] compiling libgambit.a for android

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Unfortunately these games are not opensource. They aren't very high quality
games anyway. So I plan to fix this, by making small games and tutorials. I
plan to make all these tutorials and guides available, make links and
everything that is lacking at the moment.

I'd like to include a module system, but that's a complex task that I can't
handle at the moment myself. I can make one work with Spheres :)

At the moment, this is focused on NDK-level development, for instance using
SDL. This makes it possible to program with OpenGL, and using JNI you can
get some of the functionality only available to the Java SDK interface
reasonably easy. However, I don't see this method a practical solution for
native Android GUI apps.

Anyway, is better to start by something simple: NDK and OpenGL. When this
works well, then try with some techniques for fully supporting the SDK
interface at Java level. That would be lovely.

One solution could be SL4A, other might be mixing Gambit with Kawa, or a
Gambit Java backend.

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On Wed, Jul 31, 2013 at 2:26 PM, tcl super dude <tcleval at gmail.com> wrote:

> are these games open source? if so, could you paste a link here? I am
> going to have some quality time with sphere and try to port some libraries
> to this framework.
> A modulo system would be welcome, and it could have those kind of tools
> that manage all modules: download, compile, install. That kind of tool
> would make the life of and schemer android developer a lot easier.
> I've been looking for a good way to make scheme work on android for any
> kind of application. For now, sphere looks promising for game programming,
> but I would like to see something like
> https://code.google.com/p/android-scripting/ work for scheme. I am
> investigating how sl4a interpreters work, so I can build an interface to
> sl4a. sl4a can do standalone apps, so a gambit-c app could be a single apk,
> and no need to install sl4a.
> I am able to build an android app (java + scheme), java handles the gui
> part and scheme logic part. Scheme runs on its own thread as an android
> SERVICE http://developer.android.com/reference/android/app/Service.html
>  the problem is that the mix of java, jni, ndk, scheme gets a lot
> complicated if one wants to build an simple app from scratch. If we had
> sl4a or something limilar, the schemer could spend more time writing scheme
> code and not worrying about java, jni or ndk at all.
> 2013/7/31 Álvaro Castro-Castilla <alvaro.castro.castilla at gmail.com>
>> Hi Daniel,
>> I'm glad you found the http://schemespheres.org project interesting.
>> It's been used by four student teams to build little Android games with
>> Gambit, and even though I couldn't work on it for the last 3 months, I plan
>> to keep working on it. My intention is to make it easy to build real
>> multiplatform applications by providing a compilation of selected modules
>> (some I built, some are compatibly licensed by the community MIT, BSD or
>> similar).
>> As soon as a simple and flexible module system is built for Gambit, it
>> will be built using it (unfortunately Blackhole didn't make it easy to
>> handle C files and cross-compilation, which has been long discussed here).
>> At the moment, it uses a set of scripts for managing compilation and macro
>> expansions is just a two-step process involving syntax-rules (through
>> Alexpander) and then define-macro as natively supported by Gambit.
>> Many things to improve, and happy to bring collaborators in.
>> Cheers!
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>>  <http://fourthbit.com>
>> On Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 9:54 PM, tcl super dude <tcleval at gmail.com>wrote:
>>> I added a small bash script on github
>>> https://github.com/dmalves/compile-gambit-for-android
>>> to help on the compilation of gambit for android. Using gambit 4.7.0
>>> there are no errors, and it does compile to x86, arm and mips, creating a
>>> directory for each of the architectures.
>>> I tested using the emulator and it worked for all architectures.
>>> I loved alvatar's scheme sphere project on github. Maybe I could help a
>>> little, coz I am (when time is on my side) developing an app using gambit
>>> on android.
>>> Anyway, I'll be making that script better, it is a mess now. Maybe it
>>> should have some command line arguments to tell what version to compile,
>>> what optimizations to use or maybe download gambit source if not available
>>> in current directory.
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