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Amirouche Boubekki amirouche.boubekki at gmail.com
Tue Jul 23 19:37:10 EDT 2013


A new user here, my name is Amirouche, I go by this name from the beginning
of my life which is probably a short period of time but certainly not too

I define myself has being primarly a Python dev. I do web (or related and
sometimes silly) things but that's not what pays the bills.

I came to Scheme and Gambit for its simplicity/minimalism, expressiveness,
wisdom and also speed.

Actually what triggered the need to try a LISP is a problem I encountered.
I needed (or wanted) to keep the number of Python objects to a minimum
while still maintaining maintainability and readability. But the thing is
I'm jailed in the Python class system. I find myself fighting it to have
the user API I want while still providing a clear inner architecture. For
that matter, I use, so-called, advanced patterns like metaclasses and data
descriptors which basically reduce maintainability because Python user
seldom use them. Being less maintainable also means it's less pratical.

What I believe is that LISP-like languages are easier to build DSL while
still keeping the concepts and code pratical. I'm not sure how much this is
True. That said, I also believe, the reason why LISP-like languages were
forgotten from the industry is because every project is a new language, I
don't know how much True this is either. I also assume that LISP coming
from academia, is though to not be pragmatic. Python being in-between has a
privileged position.

Scheme having a small core, makes it I think more practical than LISP,
somewhat easy to learn like Python. While still, making it possible to
express problems and solutions in a clear, concise and efficient way. That
said Scheme and Gambit in particular lakes documentation, except if SFRI
are the documentation...

Those are all assumptions that I want to check.


I tried to build Black Hole but it failed, I filled an

Is there any procedure reference page I can read ? or is it the R5RS ?

See you around,

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