[gambit-list] Riaxpander on Gambit

Matt Hastie matthastie at gmail.com
Sat Jul 6 01:16:47 EDT 2013

Hello Gambit People,

I've been hacking away at riaxpander, and now have it at the point where it runs in native gambit. It can compile Alex Shinn's matchable library and run the matchable unit tests - that's the net testing thus far!

Credit here goes to Taylor R. Campbell, for creating such a very nice and powerful expander. My contribution was to:

- extract riaxpander-gambit.scm from the tmp directory on Campbell's website,
- vandalize the source to support case sensitivity (lower case all macrology patterns),
- figure out the problems that prohibit gambit compile-file from working,
- add some dark meat from the chicken to support loading of macros in compiled source, and
- add a cond-expand classifier that works when syntax-case appears in a non-evaluated feature clause.

Line numbers and decent error messages are inoperative at this time. I also haven't examined which scheme flavor the macrologies define. I'm not certain how much gambitism is there. My personal plan is to keep hacking away towards r7rs and/or a module system (r7rs define-library) ... but these are indeed lofty goals. I am already out of my depth, deep in the lambdas.

Source code is in:


Kind Regards,
Matt Hastie.

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