[gambit-list] Alexpander & Gambit

Chris Müller ruunsmail at gmail.com
Wed Jan 23 05:17:26 EST 2013

I'm curious how do you actually use alexpander with gambit (without 

Does it take much efforts to hook it into the gambit system in order to use
it by default or e.g. using the -:s flag? Or Are you still have a modified
blackhole environment where you replaced the macro expansion routines.

I've looked into the alexpander packages itself and there wasn't 
a clear help to hook it in (Only using it explicitly).
I haven't looked into the source of blackhole yet, but if someone 
already figured it out, i would be glad for any hints :)


Am 23.01.2013 01:47, schrieb Álvaro Castro-Castilla:
> Honestly, I think Blackhole is essential to Gambit's ecosystem. However, at
> the moment isn't as mature and flexible as Gambit with Alexpander, even
> though I very much miss the module system.
> Best regards,
> Álvaro

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