[gambit-list] Several questions about gambit

Chris Müller ruunsmail at gmail.com
Wed Jan 16 03:50:04 EST 2013

Thanks, that helped very much !

Am 10.01.2013 12:40, schrieb Álvaro Castro-Castilla:
> Hi!
> I'll try to help you with some answers:
> 1) One solution would be to use Blackhole, it handles the location. If you
> don't the best solution is to use the ~~ syntax:
> (load "~~yourlib/yourmodule")
> This will expand to your current Gambit installation directory. In my case,
> this would be /usr/local/Gambit-C/yourlib/yourmodule.scm
> 2) Well, the place for learning Gambit usage is the documentation in the
> web, AFAIK. There are also some other explanations in the wiki.
> 3) Use Blackhole, it will both give you a module system and a macro
> expander (for syntax-rules and syntactic closures). Snow was primarily
> intended to be a cross-implementation module system, for portable
> libraries, but I think it wasn't very successful as it seems unmaintained.
> Probably due to R6RS irruption.
> I have my own system, which is not really a module system, but a way to
> handle packages and automate tasks. In the near future I'll try to merge it
> with Blackhole.
I've managed to to get it work and start using it.

> 4) Try with pretty printing: (pp object). Another useful procedure would be
Is it also possible to set a custom format for an object? (similar to

e.g. i'm currently looking for a (number->string ...) conversion, where 
i can set the
number of digits after the decimal point within the string.

> 5) In my opinion, one of the strongest points of this implementation is its
> FFI capabilities. There are Cairo bindings in the dumping grounds of the
> web. I have also made my own, updated to Cairo 1.12. C bindings are
> _relatively_ straightforward. Objective-C seems to be as well, although I
> don't have experience with this (there are some helper macros in the
> dumping grounds as well). But I don't see why you would have any problems
> with Glib/GTK/Cairo. You'll have to figure a way to express the
> functionality of Glib's C macros.
> I hope I clarified some things.
> Best regards,
> Álvaro

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