[gambit-list] Thoughts on Scheme

Steve Graham jsgrahamus at yahoo.com
Mon Jan 14 12:08:52 EST 2013

And it may just be the phone.  I believe I had a different experience running it on my Kindle Fire.  Have to try that again.

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Hi Steve,

That's interesting. I would guess this has nothing to do with the macro facility or this code per se, but that this behavior was from some completely other source, like, the general functioning of the console driver or something. Thoughts?


2013/1/11 Steve Graham <jsgrahamus at yahoo.com>

I tried typing this code several times into Gambit on my Samsung phone.  The first several times it simply defaulted to the phones default screen and each time when I invoked Gambit it would act as it should.  This last time it we to the normal Gambit screen, but all that's showing is the header line with a white screen.  I  believe the last time it opted to send a report, which I did.  Advanced Task Killer does not solve the problem.
>Restarting the phone does solve this problem.
(define-macro (debug-print . a)
>>   (for-each (lambda (e) (cond ((symbol? e) (print "'" (symbol->string e) " "))
>>                               ((string? e) (print e " "))
>>                               (else (write e) (print " ")))) a))
>>(debug-print 5 + 7 "\n")
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