[gambit-list] Gambit for plan9?

Bakul Shah bakul at bitblocks.com
Tue Feb 12 15:06:43 EST 2013

On Tue, 12 Feb 2013 14:06:57 EST Marc Feeley <feeley at iro.umontreal.ca> wrote:
> You could try
>    ./configure

term% ./configure
./configure: '/bin/sh' file does not exist

term% ape/sh configure
sed: r.e.-using command garbled: /^.*\/\([^/][^/]*\)\/*$/{
configure: expr: not found
sed: r.e.-using command garbled:       s/[$]LINENO\([^abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyzABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ0123456789_].*\n\)\(.*\)/\2\1\2/
: error: cannot create .lineno; rerun with a POSIX shell

But this is not surprising.

> If the configure fails, from a fresh Gambit distribution directory you =
> could:
> 1) Create a new include/gambit.h file with
> echo #ifndef ___VOIDSTAR_WIDTH                > include/gambit.h
> echo #define ___VOIDSTAR_WIDTH ___LONG_WIDTH >> include/gambit.h
> echo #endif                                  >> include/gambit.h
> echo #ifndef ___MAX_CHR                      >> include/gambit.h
> echo #define ___MAX_CHR 0x10ffff             >> include/gambit.h
> echo #endif                                  >> include/gambit.h
> cat include/gambit.h.in                      >> include/gambit.h
> Usually the gambit.h file is created by the configure script, but here =
> we'll avoid using the configure script because it may have issues on =
> plan9.
> 2) In lib/ compile all the .c files to .o files using -D___LIBRARY and =
> -D___PRIMAL and -D___HAVE_STDIO_H and -D___HAVE_STDLIB_H.  Some of the =
> files (os*.c) are operating system dependent, so most of your problems =
> will be in compiling these files.  By default, only stdio functions will =
> be called for I/O and only malloc/free are used for memory allocation. =
> Obviously you won't have a bunch of functionality such as sockets, =
> process ports, time measurement, etc but these can be ported one by one =
> as the need arises by adding the appropriate -DHAVE_XXX and adapting the =
> os*.c files.

term% pcc -I../include -D___LIBRARY -D___PRIMAL -D___HAD_STDLIB_H *.c
cpp: _eval.c:645 Unknown preprocessor control f
cpp: ../include/gambit.h:748 _eval.c:661 Could not find include file <wchar.h>
cpp: ../include/gambit.h:833 _eval.c:661 Bad operator (@) in #if/#elif
cpp: ../include/gambit.h:1654 _eval.c:661 Bad operator (@) in #if/#elif
cpp: ../include/gambit.h:1657 _eval.c:661 Bad operator (@) in #if/#elif
cpp: ../include/gambit.h:1678 _eval.c:661 Bad operator (@) in #if/#elif
/usr/bakul/gambit/lib/../include/gambit.h:7250[stdin:6880] syntax error, last name: wchar_t
pcc: cpp: 8c 212: error

> Once step #2 is completed, you are almost done!

Looks like the port will require some real work!
That'll have to wait for some other time.

Nevertheless, thanks for the hints.


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