[gambit-list] Anyone else working in a schemey wrapper for c structs/unions/types?

Estevo euccastro at gmail.com
Wed Dec 25 03:07:07 EST 2013

> Wait, what is returned by get-foreign-wrapper and are other references to
>> it sticking around at that GC?
As for the second question: yes, when I call (##gc) there are two weak
references to the foreign object: one implied by the will that the library
set on it, and other set by the user in the weak-valued hash table.  The
foreign object is *not* garbage collected at this point, because there are
still references to it.  But since none of these references is strong, the
will that has it as testator will be made executable in the next garbage
collection[1].  So I call (##gc) only to trigger that.  Sometime after the
will has been made executable, its action procedure gets called, which is
what releases the foreign object.

[1] In the current implementation of Gambit, wills are only made executable
on garbage collections.  According to the docs, this may change in the
future and shouldn't be relied upon.
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