[gambit-list] Wills from beyond.

Estevo euccastro at gmail.com
Sun Dec 22 21:35:31 EST 2013

Thanks for the detailed explanation.

> The GC only calls the finalizer (release function?) when it reclaims the
space of the object.
> So as long as you can get your hands on o2 (when w1’s action procedure is
executed), the
> finalizer will not have been called.

After w1 and o2 have been set to #f, is there anything preventing the space
for either of them to be reclaimed anytime?  In particular,
  - is the fact that o1 hasn't been reclaimed yet keeping w1 alive?
  - will the reference to o2 in w1's action closure prevent it from being
reclaimed before that closure is reclaimed?

A corollary to the latter: if I delay the execution of w1's action closure
for long enough (e.g. by holding onto o1) could I ever get it to execute
with o2_ pointing to freed/invalid memory?
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