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Petersen, Chris CPetersen at cw.bc.ca
Wed Dec 18 10:47:43 EST 2013

There is a simple HTTPS client interface in LambdaNative, with no dependencies other than OpenSSL, that you might be able to make use of:
It's very basic, but does support connections both with and without keys, and works on all platforms (including iOS/Android/BB10). 

PolarSSL is GPL btw, which would be a problem for our use of Gambit. And I agree that external library dependencies are bad for portability in general.


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On Dec 18, 2013, at 7:10 AM, Álvaro Castro-Castilla <alvaro.castro.castilla at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,
> Is there a way to easily connect to a HTTPS server with (open-tcp-client) or variant? The SSL part seems to be left to the user, is that so?

There is no builtin support for SSL.  I have considered implementing this with OpenSSL or PolarSSL (which has the advantage of being lightweight and portable, see https://polarssl.org), but it is a non trivial job due to the complex API required for SSL.  Moreover, this would add an external library dependency for Gambit (the only one), which is a problem for portability, so a configure option would likely be added to disable SSL support.

If someone wants to tackle this (i.e. implementing builtin support for SSL), I can help with the integration with Gambit's I/O system.  It would sure be nice to be able to open secure connections with Gambit.


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