[gambit-list] Getting Gambit to work under OS X Mavericks

Tomas Möre tomas.o.more at gmail.com
Sat Dec 14 20:22:58 EST 2013

To those unfortunate souls who updated to OS X 10.9
The standard compiler that comes with with xcode 5 is clang and it will
give you a ton of troubles.

To fix this (the easiest way) install gnu gcc from Macports. That has
received an update for 10.9.


Be cautious I have heard that Homebrew and Macports does not work very well

Then type the following into the terminal:
sudo port install gcc48 (or the gcc version number you prefer)

It will probably give you a few errors. Simply do a port install on all the

In the end it will give you a "gcc-mp-[version]" binary in  /usr/bin
 simply rename / remove the existing gcc and rename the Macports variant to
gcc. (The gcc provided by xcode is just a link to clang anyhow).

Hope it helps!
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