[gambit-list] How reset Gambit source dir? I.e. you did tar xvfz gambc*.tar.gz; cd gambc*; ./configure args; make and now you want to configure or make from scratch, what make command to use?

Mikael mikael.rcv at gmail.com
Fri Sep 28 05:36:15 EDT 2012


When after having tar xvfz gambc*.tar.gz; cd gambc*;./configure args;make ,
you want to wipe all binary output produced by make and also any results
from configure as to start out all from the beginning, what make command do
you use for this?

"make clean" wipes something, but, it always fails as gsc-compat or sth
like this is not around, so I suppose this means the make script wiped too
much (as the gsc-compat invocation is to produce those C files anew, so I
suppose they're missin) - also the C files the distro was bundled with,
that are precompiled C versions of the system's scm files.

What command use for this?

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