[gambit-list] Sack web server & client updates: Receives HTTP request body content now, in a streaming fashion. Several minor improvements to server and client. Documentation and examples improved.

Mikael mikael.rcv at gmail.com
Mon May 21 07:56:40 EDT 2012

The Sack server has been stable for two years or so now. The http-client
part of it should be considered stable by this release.

By this update, the circle is kind of closed as regards the functionality
that Sack, as a HTTP middleware inspired by Rack, can be viewed as supposed
to have.

Repo and readme at https://github.com/pereckerdal/sack/ , listed on the
dumping grounds.

There is commented-out HTTPS (openssl) support in http-client. HTTPS
support is intended to be added at some point to the server .

File upload handling code exists, if you'd want it query for it.

(The current repo online uses the Black Hole naming scheme for SRFI
packages that currently only the syntactictower branch uses, thus minor
changes are needed to make it spin on non-syntactictower BH. The naming
scheme between these two BH branches is intended to be unified soon enough.)

(Anyone  interested in making Sack run directly on vanilla Gambit is of
course welcome to do so, just make a vanilla Gambit-specific boot script
and add the appropriate cond-expand:s to the code. If so just put it on
github and make a pull request with the updates to the author.)

Best regards,
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