[gambit-list] Creating scheme modules with functions callable from C main program

Andrew Suttles andrew.suttles at gmail.com
Tue Jul 3 10:09:16 EDT 2012

Folks -

I am writing a simple Windows native app in C using Win32 libraries.  I'd
like to to have some of my Windows callback functions call routines that
I've written (or will write) in GambitC (because scheme is more fun to
write and maintain than C).  I've found material on how to call functions
written in C in the scheme interpreter process, but not the other way
around.  In other words, when I compile a module of scheme functions into
an object file, I don't have a header file to include in my main program
written in C.  How do I call those scheme functions?

Thanks again for the help.  I'm fairly new to Scheme and I'm *very new* to
GambitC, so please excuse the the naivete of my question.

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