[gambit-list] Announcing Glass Table

Jeff Read bitwize at gmail.com
Mon Jul 2 03:17:30 EDT 2012


The thing I've been spare-time hacking on since last week is Glass
Table, a sort of REPL IDE for Gambit. Basically what it does is
remember the definitions you key in at the REPL and saves them to a
sort of "workspace" which you can then save out as a Scheme program
file. You can also load a Scheme file into the workspace, change it by
redefining things, and save it again. Some facility is provided to
save other expressions besides definitions to the workspace but you
have to enable a special option to do so. (See the comments at the top
of glasstable.scm.)

Among other things, this allows you to write and save sophisticated
programs using Gambit for Android, but the idea here is to foster
rapid, iterative development of Scheme code in general with a minimum
of tooling.

I may as well tip my hand: although Glass Table is based on a simple
REPL I crufted up for now, my eventual plan is to hook it into the
Gambit REPL so that it may take advantage of all the powerful goodness
that's provided in Gambit itself for typing in, testing, and debugging
Scheme programs. Hence my REPL-hooking questions earlier.

The repo is available at: https://github.com/bitwize/glasstable/

A tarball is also up at the Dumping Ground.

Happy Scheming,


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