[gambit-list] How to pass a procedure to a nonnull-function?

Vok Vojwo ceving at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 10:16:15 EDT 2011

2011/11/3 Mikael <mikael.rcv at gmail.com>:
> Yes. The external representation is effectively an int. Btw any closure can
> be passed <-> the external world under the type representation scmobj which
> is effectively an int also, look it up in the manual.
> I'm not clear right now if scmobj:s are persistent to GC iterations though,
> if you/anyone knows please let the ml know.

I think I got it:

;; Local Variables:
;; compile-command: "gsc -exe ffi-hello-3.scm"
;; End:

(c-define (apply0 proc) (scheme-object) void "apply0" ""

(c-declare #<<end-of-c-declare

void call_scheme (___SCMOBJ proc)
  apply0 (proc);


(define call-scheme
  (c-lambda (scheme-object) void "call_scheme"))

(define (proc)
  (print "Hello, World!\n"))

(print (procedure? proc) "\n")

(call-scheme proc)

Now the C function call_scheme can call any Scheme procedure by using apply0.

With gc persistence you mean that the address of the scheme procedure
might change because of a mark and compact gc? That would be a problem
and will break the above code.

The Gambit documentation distinguishes movable and nonmovable objects in:


But I can not find any description how to make an object nonmovable.
Does anybody know how to make a closure nonmovable?

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