[gambit-list] trouble importing srfi-13 using blackhole

Matthew Koichi Grimes mkg at cs.nyu.edu
Wed May 18 12:45:27 EDT 2011

I'm having trouble getting up and running with blackhole. I've installed it,
and when I run "bsc", I get the following prompt:

  Loaded Black Hole.
  Gambit v4.6.1


So far, so good. However, when I try to import srfi-13 (bundled with
blackhole), I get this error:

> (import (std srfi/13))
*** ERROR -- Wrong number of arguments passed to procedure
 '#<14_#:char-set #2 14_#s:

For reference, here are the steps I've followed to install blackhole:

1) installed the blackhole/ directory in /usr/local/share/
2) put in the PATH a soft link to gsc called bsc.
3) compiled blackhole by running "gsc build" from within the blackhole
4) Added the following to .gambcini:

(let ((blackhole-path "/usr/local/share/blackhole"))
          (and (equal? (path-strip-directory (car (command-line))) "bsc")
               (load (path-expand "build" blackhole-path))
                 (set! module#ns-file (path-expand "ns.dat" blackhole-path))
                 (println "Loaded Black Hole."))))

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated,
-- Matt
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