[gambit-list] What's the difference between slib and snow?

Charles Wang wcy123 at gmail.com
Wed May 4 05:26:52 EDT 2011

Hi Marijn

       Thank you very much! You comments are very valuable for me. I
will try many popular implementations, starting from Chicken and
Gambit. They look similar. Both are great!

Best Regards
Charles Wang

2011/5/4 Marijn <hkBst at gentoo.org>:
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> Hi Charles,
> On 04/29/11 08:00, Charles Wang wrote:
>> Hi,
>>         I am a newcomer to the scheme community. I would like to use
>> some portable libraries. After searching on the Internet, I found
>> there are "slib" and "snow".
>> http://people.csail.mit.edu/jaffer/SLIB
>> http://snow.iro.umontreal.ca/?tab=Packages
>>         Could anyone know what's the differences between them and
>> which one I should stick to?
> I know where you're coming from, because I've been there, so I'd like to
> offer my views.
> First to answer your question: snow is dead, slib is alive but doesn't
> seem very popular and I haven't really used it.
> For portability try to stay close to R5RS+SRFIs or use (controversial
> but some seem to like it specifically for its greater ``portability''
> because of its bigger/completer standard) R6RS.
> Whichever you choose, there will be some scheme implementations that you
> can choose from and they will differ mostly in small ways in the
> language that they accept and the way you can activate SRFIs/libraries.
> Thus you can choose to create small implementation-specific files which
> call the portable core of your code, or if your code is small and you
> don't need much, cram it in the way you call your code (an example of
> that is in the dumping grounds Ising simulation code that I dumped long
> ago (when the server is usable again)).
> My advice is to just start with any implementation and if you notice any
> limitations/behaviors that annoy you, try your code on a different one
> until you find one which works for you. Some implementations are fast,
> like Gambit, although it gets a lot faster if you don't forget to ask it
> to cut some corners; other implementations have their own strengths and
> focus.
> Once you're more familiar with different implementations it will be
> easier to choose which ones you need for what so don't be afraid to
> experiment a bit.
> Good luck,
> Marijn
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