[gambit-list] Any working on module system?

Mikael mikael.rcv at gmail.com
Sun May 1 12:19:07 EDT 2011


2011/5/1 Meng Zhang <wsxiaoys.lh at gmail.com>

>  Hello everyone,
> I'm new to gambit scheme and I'm reading wiki/doc these days.
> After reading the page about module system(
> http://dynamo.iro.umontreal.ca/~gambit/wiki/index.php/Module_System),
> which seems that there're no updates since 2009, I'll be really appreciate
> if someone could tell me how's this system going on.

It is robust in the present version.

Its repo is on https://github.com/pereckerdal/blackhole (the main and the
syntactictower branches).

BTW, First draft of R7RS small language added modules, is it a proper
> solution to Gambit-C?

With no knowledge of the details I'd say yes, the only thing needed is an
extension/adaptation for R7RS' syntax for modules (exports etc).

If you have queries, Per may be able to respond to your questions about it.

Kind regards,

>  Regards
> Meng Zhang
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