[gambit-list] New to Gambit

Marc Feeley feeley at iro.umontreal.ca
Wed Mar 23 21:07:35 EDT 2011

On 2011-03-23, at 5:47 PM, Steve Graham wrote:

> Hello.
> I'm trying to set up Gambit on a 64-bit Windows 7 box.  I've already installed MinGW and downloaded Gambit.  When I try to execute ./configure, I get the following errors in config.log below.  I've searched my system for confdefs and could not find it.
> Any assistance would be appreciated.

The file "confdefs.h" is created by the configure script.  It is normal for the configure script to generate some errors in config.log (because the configure script determines which features of the C compiler are available by trying them out and seeing if it causes an error).  What was the error message at the console?  Have you managed to compile a simple "hello world" program with the gcc that comes with MinGW?  It could be that it isn't installed properly.


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