[gambit-list] editor support for scheme

spir denis.spir at gmail.com
Sat Mar 12 06:22:13 EST 2011


Is there support for Scheme in any general/mainstream programming editor? 
Unfortunatly, my editor of choice geany has no support at all for Scheme & 
Lisp. This is very surprising because geany seems to be the most used free editor.

I don't wish to learn emacs just to be able to discover Scheme in a 
programmer-friendly way, and then forget all about emacs (because it's so 
different that what I'll have learnt of it cannot be reused). On the other 
hand, no support at all is too annoying (eg cannot even comment out lines of 
code). Having to switch to another editor, but one that works in a common way, 
is less of an issue.

vita es estrany

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