[gambit-list] Gambit REPL statistics

Raffael Cavallaro raffaelcavallaro at mac.com
Thu Jun 16 16:36:54 EDT 2011

On Jun 16, 2011, at 4:33 PM, Hendrik Boom wrote:

> Not a lawyer, but then Apple isn't bound by the letter of their rules 
> anyway.  I strongly susp[ect they'd diallow it, and that they might look 
> askance at the REPL you've already got in the store.

Sure, that's quite possible, but the whole point of this exercise is to see just how far you can go and still get accepted by the App Store. There's little question that a gambit REPL that uploaded and downloaded and ran actual *scheme* code would be in direct violation of the developer agreement. The question is, how far can you go by using WebKit/javascript for all of your network interaction?


Raffael Cavallaro
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