[gambit-list] A couple of random questions

Marc Feeley feeley at iro.umontreal.ca
Sun Jul 31 07:50:30 EDT 2011

On 2011-07-31, at 1:59 AM, mikel evins wrote:

> A little more info about my failing attempts to build Gambit.
> I tried a few variations (devel and non-devel) on downloading and configuring and updating; all failed to make it through a make check without a crash.
> I can install the prebuilt Gambit 4.6.1 binaries, and in some quick, superficial testing, they appear to work correctly, but I can't build certain projects (including iOS projects), because I don't have the associated Gambit sources.
> I'm using Lion (version 10.7) on an early 2008 24-inch iMac, with the developer tools provided through the App Store (XCode version 4.1, build 4B110).
> Has anyone built Gambit using this build environment or something close to it? At this point, I'm sort of wondering whether I need to wipe the machine and do a clean reinstall of everything.
> In case anyone wants more details, there's a lot more below:

I have encountered this problem also (with Lion and the new Xcode).  The problem is due to LLVM gcc which is the default C compiler now and which does not compile the Gambit sources properly when the --enable-single-host configure option is given.  I've tried using gdb to find where the error is, but it is giving me an execution trace which doesn't correlate with the sources so I am confused in regards to the location of the error.

So to fix the problem temporarily I did

   CC="i686-apple-darwin11-gcc-4.2.1" ./configure --enable-single-host
   make check

I also committed a patch to look for "i686-apple-darwin11-gcc-4.2.1" before "gcc", but that is not a long term solution.

My guess is that LLVM gcc is buggy, but I have not yet found a proof.


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