[gambit-list] Adding multiple gsc generated C files to a project

Roger Wilson misterrogerwilson at gmail.com
Thu Jul 7 07:42:06 EDT 2011


I'm a total scheme novice so apologies in advance for dumb questions,  but
can anyone give me any advice on adding multiple Gambit generated C files to
a (XCode) project?

I'm generating the files with 'gsc -link filename.scm', but in the setup
code within the app I can only specify one module to the
___setup_params_struct passed to the setup call to Gambit.  The functions
from the other modules linked in are unavailable.  What I'd like to do is be
able to generate multiple C files and then have access to all the functions
define in them from the app.

i.e. the code in my app that initiates Gambit looks like the standard....

 ___setup_params_reset (&setup_params);
    setup_params.version = ___VERSION;
    setup_params.linker = LINKER;   // <-------  Can only specify one module
    setup_params.debug_settings = debug_settings;


What I'm actually I'm trying to do is compile Meroon in to my app.  I've
been developing interactively using Swank with Meroon 'included' in to it at
the start of every session, but the app is running too slow (spending all
it's time calling eval) so I'm trying to compile it.  I can load Meroon into
an interactive gsi according to Bradley Lucier's instructions and then
generate a _meroon.c file, but have no way to build it into my app.  Any
advice on achieving that or something equivalent will be most welcome.

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