[gambit-list] c-structure accessor macro

Isaac Freeman memotype at gmail.com
Fri Sep 25 15:34:47 EDT 2009

In the spirit of wanting to learn not only the C FFI, but also gambit
macros, I decided to write a macro which generates accessors for C
structs. I decided to post it here for others to review, critique,
etc. Any feedback on style, methodology, etc is welcome. Also, I put
it on pastebin as well as in the e-mail body:

pastebin: http://paste.lisp.org/display/87730

(define-macro (define-c-struct name . members)
;(define (define-c-struct-test name members)

  ; -- internal utility functions

  (define (res-type-gen t)
    (let ((real-type (if (list? t)
                       (car t)
      (cond ((member real-type '(union type pointer nonnull-pointer
                                       function nonnull-function))
             "___result_voidstar = ")
            ((member real-type '(pointer nonnull-pointer function
             "___result_voidstar = (void*)")
            ((eq? real-type 'struct)
             "___result_voidstar = &")
              "___result = "))))

  (define (mem-acc-gen name-s mem type)
    `(define ,(string->symbol (string-append name-s "." mem))
       (c-lambda ((pointer ,name-s)) ,type
         ,(string-append (res-type-gen type) "___arg1->" mem ";"))))

  ; -- expansion

  (let* ((name-s (symbol->string name)))
       ,@(let loop ((ms members))
           (let* ((mem (symbol->string (caar ms)))
                  (type (cadar ms))
                  (res-type (res-type-gen type)))
               (mem-acc-gen name-s mem type)
               (if (null? (cdr ms))
                 (loop (cdr ms)))))))))

Isaac Freeman
memotype (at) gmail.com

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