[gambit-list] stop top

Marc Feeley feeley at iro.umontreal.ca
Thu Sep 17 16:53:51 EDT 2009

On 17-Sep-09, at 4:04 PM, David St-Hilaire wrote:

> Marc Feeley wrote:
>> On 17-Sep-09, at 3:38 PM, David St-Hilaire wrote:
>>>> How about ctrl-C?
>>>> Marc
>>> Well I guess it works in the terminal, but not in an emacs  
>>> buffer... :'(
>> In emacs it is ctrl-C ctrl-C .
>> Marc
> It seems to work if there is only the primordial thread running, but  
> after
> having run:
> (let loop ((i 0))
>    (if (< i 30)
>        (begin (thread-start!
>                (make-thread
>                 (lambda () (let loop2 () (thread-sleep! 0.1)  
> (loop2)))))
>               (loop (+ i 1)))))
> for example, C-c C-c will not stop top from printing out the threads  
> running.
> Well anyways, thats whats happening on my laptop.

A "user-interrupt", which is generated when ctrl-C is typed at the  
console, will interrupt the currently running thread.  If you have  
many threads, then there is no guarantee that the one that gets  
interrupted is the one running "top".

It is possible to program something different by redefining the  
interrupt handler for "user-interrupt".  For example this code will  
change the user interrupt handler so that the processing of the user  
interrupt is done in the primordial thread regardless of which thread  
was running at the moment ctrl-C was typed:

   (lambda ()
     (thread-interrupt! #1 ##default-user-interrupt-handler)))

If you always run top from the primordial thread, then you should be  


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