[gambit-list] C-FFI type issues

Darren Baker darren at wildfire.com.au
Thu Sep 17 00:41:03 EDT 2009


Is it the binding for clip_rect?  It looks like you're trying to assign 
a struct value type to pointer ___result_voidstar

You either want to allocate storage for a copy of the struct and use a 
release function (per the c-lambda docs in the Gambit manual), or just 
use pointers, eg:

(define SDL_Surface.clip_rect
     ((pointer "SDL_Surface"))
     (pointer (struct "SDL_Rect"))
     "___result_voidstar = &___arg1->clip_rect;"))

Of course if you do this you have to be careful managing the lifetime of 
the containing object so you don't get dangling pointers etc.

Hope that helps.


Isaac Freeman wrote:
> I've been banging my head on this one for days now... I've even tried
> looking at the resulting C code and passing it through the CPP and
> indent... I can't figure out where this is complaining about and
> why...
> http://paste.lisp.org/display/87211
> Any hints would be great...

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