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peter lo peter19852001 at yahoo.com.hk
Thu Sep 10 21:59:01 EDT 2009

Thanks for the suggestion, I will try it.


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On 9-Sep-09, at 10:42 PM, peter lo wrote:

> By the way, I am currently trying to reduce the allocation of short-lived objects, I am sure there are general tips on the web about this, but I am not sure if there are tips more specific to Gambit Scheme, taking into account its garbage collector.

I suggest that you represent your "lists" using extensible vectors, implemented with plain vectors.  The value at index 0 is really the number of active elements in the extensible vector.  When the vector is full, a slightly longer (by a factor of say 20% more) is allocated and the previous content is copied to it.  This representation is up to 6 times more compact than the list representation for long enough "lists", when using Gambit.  That's because each element in the list requires a pair, and each pair occupies 6 words of memory, header+car+cdr=3, but they are movable objects so the same space must be reserved in the "to-space".  For long enough vectors (255 elements or more) each element occupies one word because the vector is "still" (no need to reserve space in the "to-space").


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