[gambit-list] ReĄG Regarding garbage collection

Adrien Piérard pierarda at iro.umontreal.ca
Wed Sep 9 00:14:09 EDT 2009

2009/9/9 peter lo <peter19852001 at yahoo.com.hk>:
> As for the possibility of memory leaks, this puzzles me. In a language with garbage collection, what does it mean to have memory leaks?

We'd need a bit more informations about your code, but "in a language
that you can interface with C libraries, some allocations are not done
by the GC".
So, if you happen to allocate in a C library, there might be your leak.

Is your project 100% Scheme code? Do you use any extra code, such as
OpenGL, a SQL ?
Is it portable to Linux/BSD/MacOS? Does the heap overflow subsist there?

Can you reduce your problematic code to approximatively less than 50
lines and post it here so that others can try to reproduce it?



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