[gambit-list] Regarding garbage collection in Windows XP

peter lo peter19852001 at yahoo.com.hk
Sun Sep 6 23:54:24 EDT 2009

Dear all,
    I have been using Gambit to write programs for my research, but recently I encounter a problem. When I run some programs, I get this error:

*** ERROR IN ##rest-param-check-heap -- Heap overflow
1> ,b
0  ##rest-param-check-heap 
1  trace-back-path         
2  find-seq                
3  find-seq                
4  find-motif-in-occ-list  
5  find-motif-in-occ-list  
6  find-motif-in-occ-list  
7  find-motif-in-fasta-pruned 
8  find-motif-in-fasta-pruned 
9  find-motif-in-fasta-pruned 
12 with-output-to-file     
13 for-each                
14 for-each                
15 (interaction)           (stdin)@69:1            (for-each (lambda (errL) ...
1> ,t

I am using Gambit-C v4.4.4 on Windows XP with 1.95 GB ram. I have tried rebooting and run again, and have added a call to (##gc) for each run like this:

(for errL '(0.2 0.3)
     (for s (append game-data-sets tompa-data-sets)
  (with-output-to-file (string-append "motif_finder_res/game_tompa/" s "_g_e_" (number->string errL) "_res.txt")
    (f0 (find-motif-in-fasta
 (codify-fasta (read-fasta s) DNA-code)
 5 20
 (k-best-keeper 50 better-motif)

But the same problem arises, and Windows XP says virtual memory low. Is this a problem of Gambit or Windows XP? Is the garbage collector a mark and sweep one and fragmentation occurrs?


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