[gambit-list] Some UTF-8 support issues.

vasil vasil.s.d at gmail.com
Tue Sep 8 01:38:10 EDT 2009


> I'm not sure what should be the right behavior.  Currently, a latin-1  
> encoding will be used for the filenames.  There is very little code to  
> change in the runtime system to use UTF-8 encoding for the filenames,  
> but this means that filesystems using plain character (latin-1)  
> encoding for filenames will stop working.  I could add a configure  
> option, such as --enable-path-encoding=UTF-8 .  But that begs the  
> question: what's the right default?  Is the default OS dependent?
> Marc

I think additional parameter for encoding in functions like
open-directory will be enough for the first time. Something like that:
(open-directory char-encoding: utf-8 "abcdefабвгд") or make it like

Or make global parameter (pathname-encoding).

And do not bother with locales for now.


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