[gambit-list] moving to blackhole

Mikael mikael.trash at gmail.com
Mon Oct 5 14:09:52 EDT 2009

> ../src/sdl-interface.scm is a third party library
> sdl-ttf.scm is a library i'm trying to keep independent of blackhole,
> since i want to contribute it to the sdl-interface project
> test-ttf.scm (the unnamed file above) is an attempt to get a minimal
> piece of code that uses both blackhole and sdl-ttf. i ultimately want
> to make an app that uses libraries out of blackhole, and the
> non-blackhole sdl-interface.

Sounds fair.

> Can I compile sdl-interface and sdl-ttf separately and then link them
> with ttf-test via blackhole?

The basic thought of BH is to manage your code and exports for you.
Therefore I discourage the idea of compiling module kind of stuff outside of
BH, then to use it inside BH. Rather find a way for your library sourcecode
files to work in the other Scheme environments you want to use them for, and
in BH, without modifications.

Refer to Per for how exactly to do this. Put the compile-options in a
BH-specific cond-expand in your library sourcecode files might be the best
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