[gambit-list] open-tcp-client won't connect to Emacs server?

Marc Feeley feeley at iro.umontreal.ca
Fri Oct 2 09:14:19 EDT 2009

On 2-Oct-09, at 1:57 AM, James Long wrote:

> I'm having some issues with the following scenario, and I can't  
> figure out why.
> I created a tcp server in Emacs and am trying to connect to it in
> Gambit using open-tcp-client.  Here's how I create my server in Emacs:
> (make-network-process :name "grime3d"
>                      :buffer "*grime3d*"
>                      :host "localhost"
>                      :server t
>                      :service 12000
>                      :filter 'grime3d-client-filter
>                      :log 'grime3d-server-log))
> More information about `make-network-process` can be found here:
> http://www.gnu.org/software/emacs/manual/html_node/elisp/Network-Processes.html

In my own experiments to get Gambit and emacs talking over TCP I have  
used this incantation:

           (make-network-process :name process-name
                                 :buffer buffer-name
                                 :family 'ipv4
                                 :service port-num
                                 :sentinel 'egrpc-sentinel
                                 :filter 'egrpc-filter
                                 :server 't)

and it works for me.  So I don't know if the :host is interfering, or  
the lack of a :sentinel.


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