[gambit-list] Speed of u8vector-ref

Alex Queiroz asandroq at gmail.com
Mon Nov 16 13:33:00 EST 2009


On 10/27/09, Alex Queiroz <asandroq at gmail.com> wrote:
>      Actually I am kind of speechless right now. I changed all uses of
>  u8vector to u32vector, because of memory alignment issues on RISC
>  machines, and my code tells me it is searching to ply 35 in this
>  2001's SPARC machine, which is hard to believe. I need to investigate
>  this further, and will look at the generated C code.

     I am replying to myself so as to set things straight. This
"search" till ply 35 was obviously wrong, caused by a bug in the way I
handled transposition tables. After fixing the bug, rewriting the
transposition table code in C and porting a very hot function to C
("legal?", predicate for a legal move) my code searches 12 moves ahead
in this same machine (UltraSPARC II). I still think that's pretty
awesome, though.


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