[gambit-list] built-in termite

Derrell Piper ddp at electric-loft.org
Sun Nov 15 21:55:02 EST 2009


I'm trying to build a version of Gambit that has Termite built-in. I edited lib/_threads.scm and un-commented out the ';;(##include "termite/termite.scm")'.  That mostly works, but it doesn't do whatever's necessary to import the Termite names into the default environment:

  fluffy:518% gsi
  Gambit v4.5.3

  > (self)
  *** ERROR IN (console)@1.2 -- Unbound variable: self
  1> ,t
 > termite#self
#<procedure #2 termite#self>
> (termite#self)
#<thread #1 primordial>

I can also compile things, but only if I explicitly qualify all the Termite identifiers with "termite#".  What do I have to do to get the names imported?



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