[gambit-list] Real Threads

lowly coder lowlycoder at huoyanjinjing.com
Mon Nov 9 05:00:11 EST 2009

The correct answer is probably "try it"; but I just want to see if
there are non-deterministic gotchas I need to be aware of.

I have the following setup in mind:

I have C++ ffi that create threads. Real Linux OS threads.

So I startup gambit gsi (in OS thread 0) ; it calls the C++ ffi code;
creating linus OS thread (OS Thread 1) in the same address space.

OS Thread 1 never makes any calls to gambit. Thread 0 & Thread 1 do
not have any race conditions in C++ land.

Are there any other gotchas I should worry about, or am I relatively safe?

Months ago, I was complaining about gc pauses; well now, I've moved
rendering entirely into C++ land with it's own thread and all that.
Now, I'm thinking of bringing gambit back in.

In particular, I'm planning on using the pthreads library.


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