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Yes, I notice you guys are quick to assume that I must be a troll and  
try to shoot me down. I was getting the impression that I was  
addressing an audience of 15-year olds.

FYI, I am an astrophysicist by training, but I have been doing  
computers in anger for more than 40 years. My primary interests are  
in applied and embedded computing, not comp sci per se, although I do  
also have some graduate work in CompSci.

Hence, I am most impressed by actual implementations and  
measurements. Concrete examples of theoretical topics are most  
welcome. But sweeping theoretical statements are really not very  


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On May 24, 2009, at 00:37, David Rush wrote:

> 2009/5/23 D.McClain <dbm at asyrmatos.com>:
>> should go a long way toward explaining why CPS code may be slower  
>> than
>> direct form code.
> I have not yet read the paper, but it appears that there is a
> terminological disconnect happening here.
> In Scheme, I program using CPS precisely because it is in fact
> *faster*. Specifically, I have show it to be faster when compiling
> using Stalin. However, this performance increase is not a direct
> result of the CPS idiom, but due to the fact that monomorphic data
> extents are clearly defined - allowing Stalin more aggressive
> optimizations.
> Note that I am *not* using CPS to implement *continuations*. But I am
> using the CPS idiom in cases where a caller knows quite a bit more
> about type-appropriate behavior than the (ultimate) callee. Such
> conditions are often used as examples of when call/cc is helpful (e.g.
> in implementing exceptions).
> The point being that there is a long difference between programming in
> a CPS idiom and reifying continuations with call/cc. Saying CPS code
> is slower is simply silly and makes you look like a troll.
> david rush
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