[gambit-list] Reading S-expressions

Jamie Briggs jamie.briggs at shaw.ca
Fri May 1 18:04:02 EDT 2009

> On 30-Apr-09, at 4:54 PM, Briggs, Jamie wrote:
> > The readtable stuff in gambit is different, obviously, so how would  
> > I go about tackling this problem?
> > I've done some reading and trying different things but my scheme chops
> > are weak and at this point I'm stumped.
> You'll have to use some of the hidden readtable features.  
> Attached is what you want.
> Marc

That did the trick, thank you!

I'm curious, why are these features "hidden"?  Is the API still 
under development or is it just that the documentation hasn't 
caught up yet?

- Jamie
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