[gambit-list] Running Gambit on Ubuntu 9.01

Adrien Piérard pierarda at iro.umontreal.ca
Fri Jun 19 12:18:43 EDT 2009

By the way, how up-to date is the Ubuntu version?
Last I checked (a couple of weeks ago, on a "Hardy Heron"), it still
was something like 4.2.8


2009/6/19 David St-Hilaire <sthilaid at iro.umontreal.ca>:
> Alfonso Urroz wrote:
>> Hello there, using Synaptic I downloaded all the required files for
>> Gambit-C. Now, what do I do to in order to use it? So I can edit/run
>> programs.
>> Thanks for any help or advice.
> Hi Alfonso,
> I don't know how much you know about scheme, but if you know already the
> language, then try 'gsi' to run the interpreter. 'gsc' is the gambit-c
> compiler. All of this is of course documented in the manual
> (http://www.iro.umontreal.ca/~gambit/doc/gambit-c.html). I believe
> there's ain't much more to say! hehe
> Have fun and welcome to the gambit-c community :)
> David
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